4’ Portative Organ Kit

4’ Portative Organ Kit



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The 4' Portative. has a case design broadly based on the historical organ once at Hunstanton Hall, Norfolk but now in the Smithfield Museum USA. It demonstrates the prevalence of small chamber or house organs that dominated music rooms and churches from the 17th century and earlier.

It is available in a variety of formats but all housed within the same case illustrated. As an extended 4’ Open. As shown with metal open pipes in prospect and based from GG, 49 notes making it almost Unison pitch - short of seven notes.

As a true 4’ from C, 49 notes of metal Principal.

As a 4’ Gedackt  from C  49 notes in part in Prospect.

As a 8’ Gedackt. from CC. 49 notes .  Some Gedackt pipes in Prospect and some lower notes housed at the rear.