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1’ Portative Organ Kit


1’ Portative Organ Kit



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Played with the right hand and pumped with the left as so often depicted in Mediaeval iconography. The keys are simple tabs - the forerunner of the modern keyboard and the organ becomes completely portable. It is carried with a shoulder strap so the player has complete freedom of movement.

The organ has 15 pipes making two complete diatonic octaves C- c’ . Earlier and much simpler ones were designed by our old friend Geoff Bridges who built a whole series of small fourteenth century and earlier organs - all historically based. Geoff was still building these many years ago in his Worcester workshop aged 94 and were featured in a Howard Goodall TV programme with Geoff some thirty years ago. To enable the organ to play in other pitches, separate Bb and F# pioes are available.

Full instructions and drawings with photos are provided and all the parts are pre cut and even polished so no tools are required to assemble the kit.