DVD 'Early Musical Instruments' by David Munrow


Early Musical Instruments (DVD) - Written and introduced by David Munrow. The complete collection of six episodes of Munrow's landmark 1976 TV series on early musical instruments, remastered for DVD. 156 minutes.


Early Musical Instruments (DVD) - Written and introduced by David Munrow, and featuring members of the Early Music Consort of London.

David Munrow intruduces the full range of mediaeval and renaissance musical intruments in this newly remastered version for DVD. Instruments such as the shawm, viol, crumhorn, recorder, regal, lute, tromba marina and serpent - and many more - are demonstrated with virtuosity and panache.

Each episode can be viewed in its entirety, or you can choose to view sections devoted to particular instruments, making it an invaluable educational reference. 156 mins. PAL and NTSC versions available.

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