von Huene Stanesby Jr. alto recorder in boxwood, A415


von Huene Stanesby Jr. alto recorder in boxwood, A415

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From the von Huene website:

Thomas Stanesby (Senior) established a workshop known for superb woodwind instruments in the London of Handel's time. It is entirely possible that many of the performers in eighteenth-century London used Stanesby's instruments. After the death of his father, Thomas Stanesby Junior became the most widely admired woodwind maker in London, able to make instruments for the most demanding of the avant-garde players of his time. The original upon which we base our instrument is in a private collection and has never before been used for any reproductions. The original, in English boxwood plays at A=410; we were able to adjust our copy to A=415 without altering the tonal characteristics.

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